Writing Works is a communications and writing consultancy devoted to helping organizations, businesses, and individuals communicate creatively and effectively so they can meet their goals.  We believe that communication is not icing on the cake, to be applied at the very end, but rather absolutely central to your strategy, development, and long-term success.

Writing Works was founded by Mark Feldman in September 2012 after 10 years in academia.  Mark was looking for ways to apply what he’d learned as a writer, researcher, and teacher of writing to helping organizations, businesses, and individuals succeed and hopefully make the world better.

While Mark’s approach is flexible, he is guided by rhetorical principles.  Rhetoric, as Aristotle put it so well, is “The faculty of observing, in any given situation, the available means of persuasion.”  Given this, effective communication begins by considering the situation, your audience, and what’s been said previously. Mark tends to emphasize clear and specific language; responsible appeals to emotion; and harnessing the power of stories to make your messages memorable and engaging.

Mark can bring a fresh perspective to communications and writing challenges.  Please contact him if you’d like to learn more about how you can put Writing Works to work for you.

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