Ross Feehan, Stanford University, Undergraduate Honors Thesis “Helping Those Who Harm: Harmonizing the Practice and Ethics of Aquaculture Insurance in China” winner of the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research:

Mark helped me frame my work and refine my arguments.  Besides being a talented writer Mark has the ability to help people feel encouraged about their work upon receiving feedback.  I have left my meetings with Mark with just the right amount of positivism that’s necessary to dig back into the thesis and improve it.

Yu Zhang, Stanford University, Ph.D. candidate in Modern Chinese literature and recipient of multiple research fellowships:

I worked with Mark Feldman for an academic year in the writing center and it helped me learn how to write powerfully, clearly, and beautifully. His guidance applying for dissertation completion funding application proved to be a huge success. The model application essay he shared to really helped me organize my own project most effectively and present my ideas concisely. His feedback on my dissertation chapters always refreshed my way of thinking and helped build connections between various fragments of my thoughts when I got bogged down somewhere. It has been truly a great experience for me to have worked with Mark — he himself is a great writer, and will also inspire you to become a great one.

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